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"The Fatman" Blake Wilkinson

Blake is the Host of the Fat Blad and White podcast, after all, he fits all three listed criteria. He is anti-PC and has grown to hate all involved in politics, he is often making fun of celebrities who embrace victim culture and think their life story is an inspiration to the average person in the world. 

Cory Hyde

Brian Webb

"Mr." Hope Wilkinson

Like the glory days of radio Fat Bald and White wants to ask the tough questions, like can you shove a 12-inch kielbasa where the sun don't shine? And we want to take on the major issues our time, like why are women equal, and if they are then why don't they stand up to pee? If a half-black, half-Asain, half-woman Vice President, actually changed anything? How long is Bruce Jenner going to be a drag queen, and will he get the big snip? 

These are the types of subjects we tackle on FBW, as we try to slap the wokeness out this country. 

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Blake Wilkinson

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List of people who can Fuck Off

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1) Megan Merkle: Take your crying HRH ass and jump out of a window, your such a victim Dutchess. 

2)Simone Biles: I'm sorry does this trigger you? You quit on America, fuck you gym midget.  

3) Kanye West: The number one gay fish, self-proclaimed genius, the greatest nut case ever. 

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